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A couple of years ago I started collecting Dutch Design online. After a few months, I decided to share my collection on Instagram. Creating a stage for Dutch Design including my own work on my account @wisse_design. Over time I learned how to increase my reach and how to speed up the growth of my account with targetted followers. 

Nowadays I offer PR and Social Media related services. This is ranging from a masterclass in which I share my experience and insights to active support with press releases and social media management. 

If you are interested to hear more about these services give me a call at +31 6 49258755 or send me an email

‘Halo’ from the Lamina Light sculpture series by Studio Tijs Gilde for for Transnatural art & design.

“The new Lamina Light sculptures reveal a unique experience through distributing light between layered structures. The light sculpture creates fluctuating color patterns within its transparent slats. Various patterns are available for one light module.

Lamina explores new possibilities for more efficient production and recycling techniques. The product inherits a circular design strategy through its ability to disassemble and reuse its parts at the end of its life cycle.”

Picture via Studio Tijs Gilde

Atmos by Fleur Peeters, spotted on the Design Community of Isola Design District. An adaptable light collection that lets you manually change the color temperature of the light to match it with the time of day.

“Nowadays many people have irregular working hours, they get home late or work in night shifts. This group doesn’t always experience the right amount of sunlight. People who are sensitive to a lack of sunlight may notice a bad mood or are less active.

Atmos light can help you with that problem. Our brain recognises the blue light as daylight and activates the cortisol hormone that provides our alertness and energy-level. Red light is linked to the sunset, our brain knows  that the night falls and the melatonin hormone is stimulated that helps us to relax. Atmos Light projects the colours on the wall. By moving the lamp horizontally or vertically, you can change the hue of the light from red to blue.”

Picture by Fleur Peters

Electric Life by Teresa van Donge, spotted at Transnatural art & design.

“In the muddy soil of rivers and lakes one can find micro-organisms that continuously excrete electrons in their metabolism. Teresa van Dongen explores these specific bacteria as a means to generate electricity for domestic use. Electric Life is the latest translation in Dongen’s ongoing exploration for alternative and natural sources of energy and light. The light installation is entirely powered by micro-organisms that have electrons as a waste product. A future owner of this living light installation will have to feed and nurture it; a bit of tapwater with some additional nutrients and a teaspoon of vinegar a week will do. Van Dongen imagines that having to feed and thus take care of Electric Life, could result in a closer relationship between the light installation and its owner.”

Picture by René Gerritsen

Align by Antje Pesel for Vij5

“Align is a minimalist lamp whose design is based on a simple metal hemisphere. The simplicity of the lamp is reflected in both shape and function.

The lamp can be used in different ways, because the electrical and suspension cable are separated. The lamp has a remarkable way of hanging because the lampshade is held by a small magnet which allows the lamp to turn towards each direction. Through this the light source can be perfectly positioned.

In addition, the set also includes a small silicone base, in which the lampshade can rest and also be placed in all directions. Because of its flexible functionality, Align functions like a hanging lamp above the table, in a free space or as a reading lamp next to the sofa. Using the silicone foot, the lamp transforms into a beautiful table light.”

Picture by Vij5

Dance side table by Marc Th van der Voorn voor the young Amsterdam based design label ign_re

“My latest collaboration with an all new brand was launched during Maison et Objet 2019. Over the last year founder Julien van Hassel and I worked together on two items for the first ignore collection. The DANCE side table and the LOOK mirror are both minimal and daring designs.”

Picture via ign_re

Woven Chair by Max Lipsey. Upholstered with Kvadrat Canvas Textiles by Studio Stelt

“Woven Chair is an extension of the Woven Bench Family. The idea to extend the collection to include a chair was conceived in collaboration with Edit Napoli for their 2019 debut.

Woven Series is the result of close study of the Canvas textile. Zooming in and looking very closely at Canvas, I became intrigued by the strength that weaving imparts to the fine wool fibres, the tactile quality, and the optical effects of the unexpected colour combinations. I particularly wanted to explore the paradox of soft yet strong qualities that result from weaving. The idea of ‘soft strength’ at first seems contradictory or silly. But I’m reminded of the saying, ‘The wind does not break a tree that bends’: simple wisdom, and a more effective approach than reliance on strength alone.”

Picture by Ronald Smits