A couple of years ago I started collecting Dutch Design online. After a few months, I decided to share my collection on Instagram. Creating a stage for Dutch Design including my own work on my account @wisse_design.

Over time I learned how to increase my reach and how to speed up the growth of my account with targetted followers.

In a masterclass, I share the experience I gained; insights on how to grow faster and reach a better audience.

Studio Willemiek designed this tapestry for Fair Fabrics during a design project made possible by The Boudless Edit initiative.

“This The Boundless Edit initiative has realized an incredible creative collaboration that allowes to showcase the talented artisan women working hard to support their families and community. Through this project Fair Fabrics could start a collaboration with the Dutch designer Willemiek van Kuijlenborg. Together with the incredible talented Fair Fabrics artisans from the various cooperatives in the Atlas Mountains we could actually working and designing together from the start.”

Picture via Fair Fabrics

Above Sea Level side table and vase by Klaas Kuiken for Cor Unum.

“Klaas designed a series of vases and a side table for Cor Unum: above sea level. For the series, he made models out of styrofoam. The models are translated into molds that preserve the aesthetic qualities of the styrofoam. 

This series is designed for Cor Unum: "Cor Unum is a ceramic art center founded and based in 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. We produce ceramics designed by leading international designers, architects, and visual artists. Cor Unum takes social and cultural responsibility for the legacy of ceramic crafts. Our mission is brought to the market through a team consisting of professionals, students, volunteers, people with distance from the labor market and designers. They all share one common passion: everyone deserves a place, everyone has got a talent and anyone can contribute to making the world somewhat nicer."

Picture via Cor Unum

Design Academy Eindhoven alumni Benedikt Stonawski co-founded ANTE UP with Hauke Unterburg. In Vienna, they work on future-proof products both autonomous as well as for their international customers. One of their autonomous products is the pendant Patersonia. Discover more about ANTE UP coming Tuesday on Isola Goes Digital!
“Patersonia is a pendant lamp that can be put together from three identical, flat metal discs. The sheets have incisions, which make them stiffen when hanging together and no additional screws are required. For shipping, the three plates can be placed on top of each other, which results in a small packaging size. Since all three levels are flat, the perceived spatial volume of the lamp varies greatly with the viewing angle. This way, a large black circle can become a thin line in the next moment.”

Pictures by Michelle Mantel

The Flax on the Beach surfboard by Studio Bart Vernooij, a flax fibre composite surfboard, 100% fibreglass free. Bart Vernooij is a Design Academy Eindhoven alumni. He will join the Rethinking Plastic exhibition by Yksi Expo during Dutch Design Week 2020 and show his latest work on Isola Goes Digital. “Replacing the fiberglass with a natural flax fibre weave, combined with a partially bio-based expoxy resin (29%), paves the way for the next step in surfboard production. One that is non-toxic, a lot more renewable and thereby better for the health of surfboard shapers and the environment.

Contrary to fiberglass, lax fibre can be dyed and printed on, allowing for a whole new outlook in surfoard design. In this case some of the reinforcing patches on the deck of the board have been dyed with natural indigo.
Besides the board itself the fins have also been hand made with the same flax fibre composite.”

Picture Nicole Marnati