Creative Agency

While growing my business as a Dutch designer, I started curating Dutch Design and decided to share my collection on Instagram. @wisse_design is a stage for Dutch Design, including my own work, and has over 20.000 followers. Over time, I learned how to increase my reach and speed up my account’s growth with targeted followers.

Based on my experiences, I offer PR and Social Media related services. Scroll down to read more and if you are interested to hear more, give me a call at +31 6 49258755 or send me an email at


With hands-on masterclasses, you will gain insights into social media (with a strong focus on Instagram) and how to be well prepared to approach the press in the field of design. After an intake, this masterclass will be tailored to suit your needs. The duration of the masterclass is between a half-day or a whole day.

PR Support

These days, often the first impression is made online. With decent editing of your text and images, you can make sure that your work will stand out and will better reach the desired audience. I offer support in setting up a press folder, editing a press release, and insights into making your personal press list. 


Social Media

With the right know-how, social media are easily accessible media to promote your work. Starting with Instagram, I offer several services to improve your feed quality. As a result, your social media will be future-proof, enabling you to reach your desired audience. 

Design Scout

At blank_hub I’m Scouting designers for Isola Design District in Milan and Eindhoven, and I support Isola Design District with its activities both off- and on-line. Creating a bridge across borders for emerging talents, young graduates, and sustainable designers. For designers, I can advise on how to use the services provided by Isola Design District successfully.

In 2020 I was selected by Interior Design as one of the jurors for NYCxDesign New York design awards.

Brand ambassador

My Instagram account has grown into a platform for (Dutch) Design lovers. With an audience of over 20.000 followers, I’m available for collaborations or a brand ambassadorship. I’ve done work for Rijksmuseum and design reviews for Oppo and Mazda Europe. Have a look below to see the designer reviews. To discuss the possibilities, send an email to

Mazda MX-30 Campaign

“Mazda and VIRTUE rethink the traditional car review
through the eyes of next generation designers.”


Celebrating the release of its first all-electric vehicle, Mazda invited future-forward product designers to review the MX-30. Mazda appointed VIRTUE, the agency born from VICE, to get design-savvy people excited about their electric car and see Mazda as the car manufacturer that leads in design thinking.

In The Design Review, product designers Rachel Griffin and Wisse Trooster explore the Mazda MX-30, unpack its most distinctive design elements, and discuss their own views on future design. This campaign reinvents the traditional review by a car expert. Instead of judging the car’s features using technical language, the two designers look at the MX-30 as a sustainability-driven embodiment of Mazda’s Kodo design philosophy – born from timeless Japanese principles of craftsmanship and minimalism.

text: VIRTUE

Oppo FindX2 Pro

“Wisse Trooster, is an exciting and talented industrial designer working in Amsterdam, watch as he unboxes the new Find X2.”

For the launch of the FindX2 Pro phone by Oppo, the Amsterdam-based creative production company Media Monks was tasked to create engaging video reviews with professionals in the film industry, choreography, entrepreneurship, and industrial design. With this campaign, the traditional unboxing video is replaced with a review video showing how the product can improve everyday tasks.

Reflective Compass by Maïté Denolf, 2020 Design Academy Eindhoven graduation project.

“A mirror image is not the same as a reflection. We use mirrors to check our appearance, while accidental reflections in a shop window or a telephone screen have another, deeper effect on our self-image. A reflection brings a shift in perspective and can make you wonder whether you are walking straight or realise how long you have been looking at your phone. Reflections can help us understand ourselves and get in touch with our emotions. The ‘Reflective Compass’ contains rotating tubes with black vinyl forms behind transparent reflective glass. Against the black background, your reflection is more focused. The rotation then causes a rhythm of changing reflections: from focused to vague and back again.”

Photography Iris Rijskamp
Model Julia Maliczowska

Colour Shift Panel by Rive Roshan.

“Reflective, coloured, rippled glass panels reflect light in spaces. The piece disperses light through it’s rippled surface creating transitions of colour from various view points.“

Photography via Rive Roshan

A modular and 100% circular sneaker by Jeffrey Heiligers, Jessica den Hartog and Chemelot Innovation & Learning Labs.

“No glue and no stitching. A 3D proof of concept to challenge the footwear industry to drastically change their production process.

In this vision of the future, material and product design have been used to look for a playfulness in circularity, shape and technology. We also found it important to involve the consumer in the manufacturing process. The shoe is made up of various parts and can be self-assembled. Each component is made from only one type of plastic, making the recycling process easier – any parts in need of replacement are taken back by the manufacturer and processed into components for new shoes. There is no reason for any parts to not be reused.”

Photography by Tim Meijer

Vestige by Miles Le Gras, 2020 Design Academy Eindhoven graduation project. Spotted at the Kazerne Impromptu Mini Graduation Show.

“Vestige is a series of ceramic vessels founded from the desire of returning to our childhood roots.

In an era pervaded with socio-economic, political, environmental and sanitary crises, designers are perpetually confronted with redefining their footprint on the grounds of our society. During a process of creation, it can become difficult yet paralysing for young creators and makers to distinguish where to stand through such fundamental questionings within the faults in our system.

In reminiscence of simpler memories, I was driven towards our mutual longing for creative spontaneity, wonder, joy and sensitivity we’ve outgrown from our childhood. Through a development of unfolding and introspection, becoming receptive to my own need for playfulness allowed me to introduce a more recreative approach to my design process. I implemented the use of construction games as a result of breaking-free from any fear and doubt about my work.

By casting individual and modular plaster pieces inspired by the Lego system, I built an aesthetic and repetitive pattern as a testimony of our innermost desire for play. “Vestige” was a way to remind myself that having fun in my creative process was also a necessity to appeal to our emotions, ensuring the durability of my ceramic vessels from the affinity that is given to them in return.”

Photography via Miles Le Gras

Cosmic Flower tables by Supertoys Supertoys at Maaskoe gallery.

“Following their fascination with animism and subjectivity, Supertoys Supertoys explores the concepts of metamorphosis and object-hybrids: the idea of a transformation from one object to another or from an immature to a mature form is a theme central in their designs. Their motivation is to find ways to express the objects' own existence.“

Photography by Pim Top