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While growing my business as a Dutch designer, I started curating Dutch Design and decided to share my collection on Instagram. @wisse_design is a stage for Dutch Design, including my own work, and has over 20.000 followers. Over time, I learned how to increase my reach and speed up my account’s growth with targeted followers.

Based on my experiences, I offer PR and Social Media related services. Scroll down to read more and if you are interested to hear more, give me a call at +31 6 49258755 or send me an email at


With hands-on masterclasses, you will gain insights into social media (with a strong focus on Instagram) and how to be well prepared to approach the press in the field of design. After an intake, this masterclass will be tailored to suit your needs. The duration of the masterclass is between a half-day or a whole day.

PR Support

These days, often the first impression is made online. With decent editing of your text and images, you can make sure that your work will stand out and will better reach the desired audience. I offer support in setting up a press folder, editing a press release, and insights into making your personal press list. 


Social Media

With the right know-how, social media are easily accessible media to promote your work. Starting with Instagram, I offer several services to improve your feed quality. As a result, your social media will be future-proof, enabling you to reach your desired audience. 

Design Scout

At blank_hub I’m Scouting designers for Isola Design District in Milan and Eindhoven, and I support Isola Design District with its activities both off- and on-line. Creating a bridge across borders for emerging talents, young graduates, and sustainable designers. For designers, I can advise on how to use the services provided by Isola Design District successfully.

In 2020 I was selected by Interior Design as one of the jurors for NYCxDesign New York design awards.

Brand ambassador

My Instagram account has grown into a platform for (Dutch) Design lovers. With an audience of over 20.000 followers, I’m available for collaborations or a brand ambassadorship. I’ve done work for Rijksmuseum and design reviews for Oppo and Mazda Europe. Have a look below to see the designer reviews. To discuss the possibilities, send an email to

Mazda MX-30 Campaign

“Mazda and VIRTUE rethink the traditional car review
through the eyes of next generation designers.”


Celebrating the release of its first all-electric vehicle, Mazda invited future-forward product designers to review the MX-30. Mazda appointed VIRTUE, the agency born from VICE, to get design-savvy people excited about their electric car and see Mazda as the car manufacturer that leads in design thinking.

In The Design Review, product designers Rachel Griffin and Wisse Trooster explore the Mazda MX-30, unpack its most distinctive design elements, and discuss their own views on future design. This campaign reinvents the traditional review by a car expert. Instead of judging the car’s features using technical language, the two designers look at the MX-30 as a sustainability-driven embodiment of Mazda’s Kodo design philosophy – born from timeless Japanese principles of craftsmanship and minimalism.

text: VIRTUE

Oppo FindX2 Pro

“Wisse Trooster, is an exciting and talented industrial designer working in Amsterdam, watch as he unboxes the new Find X2.”

For the launch of the FindX2 Pro phone by Oppo, the Amsterdam-based creative production company Media Monks was tasked to create engaging video reviews with professionals in the film industry, choreography, entrepreneurship, and industrial design. With this campaign, the traditional unboxing video is replaced with a review video showing how the product can improve everyday tasks.

Sitting Table in urushi by Aldo Bakker via Carpenters Workshop Gallery

“By positioning his works as individual characters, Aldo Bakker forces his audience to shift its perception. We are no longer looking at an inanimate object on which we project our knowledge of style, shape or material value. Instead, these creatures invite us to engage in a conversation about their behaviour, their uncertainties, their beliefs, their native tongue. We do not approach them as buyers or even as art historians, we become their fellow travellers, questioning ourselves as much as they question us.”

Photography via Aldo Bakker

Sheets Collage by Joost van Bleiswijk.

“Free and yet constructivist sketches have led Joost to work with sheets of metal and build never seen wall lights.”

Photography via Joost van Bleiswijk.

Jute Light by Laura van de Wijdeven.

⁠“The Jute Light is made of 50% jute fibres and 50% porcelain plaster. The combination of jute with plaster ensures that both materials strengthen each other. This is because the jute fiber acts as reinforcement in the plaster and at the same time provides a special and unique pattern. The strength and beauty of the material are highlighted in the minimalist design of the pendant lamp.⁠

The jute fibres used, in the form of a kind of fluff, come from Forbo Flooring factory. This natural fibre is the only waste material that comes from the production of Forbo's linoleum. By working with this waste material, the linoleum becomes a zero-waste product.”

Photography via Vij5

De Natura Fossilium pillar by Formafantasma.

“Formafantasma’s 10 years – De Natura Fossilium, 2015 – Big and small pillar, Gallery Libby Sellers. In homage to Ettore Sottsass, the great maestro of Italian design and an avid frequenter of the Aeolian volcanic islands, this new body of work takes on a linear, even brutalist form. Geometric volumes have been carved from basalt and combined with fissure – like structural brass elements to produce stools, coffee tables and a clock.”

Photography via Formafantasma

Zandi pendants by Sabine van der Ham.

"With sand as the primary material, Zandi has a particular structure. A granular material and one of the most abundant natural substances on Earth turned into a lighting object. Rocks become boulders, and boulders become gravel, and gravel becomes sand. Grains of sand are displaced by wind and water and form sand shapes on the beach and in the dunes. The grinding effect of sand ensures that unique objects are created and start the inspiration for Zandi. Sabine can make these blocks thanks to 3D printing technology. Because of this, there are unlimited possibilities, and the shapes are endless."

Picture via Sabine van der Ham

Sunseeker by VANTOT in collaboration with the Municipality of Eindhoven.

“VANTOT introduces a design for a sustainable and interactive (street) light-installation called SUNSEEKER. Designed for the brand new Victoriapark in the city center of Eindhoven. 

SUNSEEKER contributes to the atmosphere, experience and liveability of the public space. At the same time, we are giving the sun the role of charger, making solar cell energy tangible and helping the energy transition – which must be a reality by 2050 – to move forward.”

Photography by Max Kneefel

Carbon bench by Ward Wijnant.

“CARBON reveals the hidden color palette of metal through heating. A hand-welded pattern transforms an originally hard material into an organic design.”

Photography by Pim Top

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