“Being passionately curious about almost everything I create products that tell a story.

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Wisse Trooster (1988 Diepenveen). I’m a passionately curious designer from the Netherlands. I work with a variety of materials and in multiple disciplines. My Hands of Time clock, with a clock face made from a worn sanding disc from Design Academy Eindhoven, was presented at Rosanna Orlandi’s gallery in 2017. With the Re-Editions sconce collection, I won an Interior Design Best of Year award in 2022. At the same award, I was an honoree in 2018 for my sustainable cardboard 900 LED pendant and in 2020 for my Circular wall lamp collection.

I started my design studio during my study of Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Inspired by the production techniques I encountered, I made my first products with an industrial touch. Nowadays, in addition to designing interior products, I participate in international light festivals with my fairytale-like light installation Lucciole. An installation that creates the illusion of millions of fireflies floating through the trees.

Have a look at the Instagram feed below to see a selection of my portfolio.


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