Dutch Design Autumn Salon

Interior architect and designer Karel Bodegom was struck by the bold and colorful selection of works at The Dutch Atelier exhibition, curated by Wisse Trooster at Isola during Milan Design Week 2022. 

Back in the Netherlands, Karel Bodegom and his partner Stijn Hofstede offered the window-shop area of their atelier, Bas van Pelt in The Hague the Netherlands, and asked the curator to make a selection of works for an exhibition for the occasion of The Hague Museum Night in October and is on display till the 13th of October. Trooster selected designers from the Isola community, and Bodegom added the work by Ingrid Rollema and Studio BL.

The items are for sale at Bas van Pelt.

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Teun Zwets

Teun Zwets works intuitively, hands-on and likes to think practical. Working with waste materials gives him the freedom to just make things without thinking. 

The This is not a rock table is made from scrap wood, ground, and sanded into a smooth shape. Finished with metallic car paint.

Experimental vase made with the glass museum Leerdam. Glass blown on a scrap copper plate.

Bubble Clock. Due to the experimental way of producing these objects, the visual outcome is always a surprise.


Bas Kosters

As an artist and designer, Bas Kosters is driven by commitment and compassion. He creates worlds inhabited by radiant, alarming, and endearing figures that reflect his social engagement.

Safe Me pylon. By giving generic objects emotion and value, they bring a feeling of comfort and safety. Blown at the National Glass Museum Leerdam.

Soft tapestry Diamond. Reflecting on the importance of showing attention. Made of upcycled cotton vintage world flags.

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Sandra Keja Planken

Sandra Keja-Planken is a self-taught designer and artist. Her work is about the relationship between people, nature and the nature of man. Anthropomorphic color pop mixed with fantasy forms from the human psyche. functional, and detailed finish.

The Forestly side table is made with leftover wood and recycled concrete.


Studio CTT

Carissa Ten Tije is the founder of Rotterdam-based design studio, Studio CTT. Her consistent curiosity about her surroundings inspires her. Rethinking materials and production methods are what she does best, leading to projects with a positive impact.

The Royal Flip
. As the result of playful research of shape and functionality, Flip can be used as a fruit bowl and a vase.


Wisse Trooster

Wisse Trooster is a designer and design scout based in Eindhoven. Trooster’s designs are mostly made with sustainable materials.

The Re-Editions wall lamp by Trooster is made with used sanding discs from the Design Academy Eindhoven worksop.

The blue version of the Re-Editions collection is made by Teun Zwets with recycled wood.


Photography by Muk van Lil – Styling Anya van de Wetering, Kamer465

White Noise Dada

WhiteNoiseDADA is a collaboration between Klaas Kuiken and Charley Reijnders. Their work is young, fresh, adolescent, and socially engaged. They stand with both feet in society and can’t make sense of it all. Stop Making Sense! is their slogan and is shown in their provocative absurdist design.

Ming is a vase made of plastic waste material cut and glued together. The reference to the Ming dynasty and the effort and time put into the piece creates value for the object. Suddenly plastic waste becomes valuable.


Luuk van Laarhoven

Studio Luuk van Laarhoven stands for Making objects to last, material wise but also in form and colour. There is always a hidden beauty in materials, and the designer set out to try and find these different qualities.
The Burned Collection has been decorated using the color change reaction of metal when applying heat, resulting in a vivid spectrum of graduating tones. The natural process that takes place highlights the value of experimenting with unfamiliar materials and processes.

Pepijn Fabius Clovis

Pepijn Fabius Clovis distinguishes himself by his boundless imagination and playful design, which is free of all conventions.’
He makes interior objects, usable sculptures, products, and furniture.

Table size Practice Tulipiere Made from scrapwood and lacquer. By reversing the colors of filling imperfections in the process and embracing them rather than covering them, a Delftst blue impression emerges.

295405944_1075151479787055_6131158097390025988_n (1)

Picture by Sean Davidson

Sofie Aaldering

The processing and revaluation of materials are central to the works of Sofie Aaldering. With her latest collection ‘Finery,’ Sofie has designed a wide collection of clothing and other works of art.

This vase is one of the works of art from the Finery collection. It derives from the original garments by applying the same materials and techniques in different settings.


Studio WAE

Studio Wae creates beautiful products from waste. Their rugs are made of 100% production waste. With the unique clicking system, you have complete freedom to create your own design. 

Modular rugs, unique rugs with geometrical shapes, are made of production waste from two of the largest carpet tile producers in the Netherlands: Interface and Tarkett.


Karel Bodegom

Karel Bodegom’s designs are the free expressions of his visionary approach to the interior: sublime choices for materials manufactured by the most skilled artisans, well-formed, functional, and detailed finish.

Bodegom’s collaboration with a wide range of artisans to realize his ideas results from his research, expertise, and experience with craftsmanship.


Hanna Kooistra

Hanna Kooistra is constantly studying, copying, and transforming the everyday objects we surround ourselves with. For her, it is about exploring the never-ending flow of potential and finding new interpretations hidden in our daily lives.

Plakkenpot coffeepot. This coffee pot is an interpretation of a 19th-century coffee pot. The existing image has been reinterpreted by stacking, laying flat, cutting, and stitching the image. This created an iconic visual language that has resulted in a new aesthetic.


Bastiaan Luijk

Bastiaan Luijk has developed a passion for algorithmic design and 3D printing. In 2019 he started STUDIO BL. Luijk developed his 3D designs using algorithms. The freedom of this process also creates unexpected results that can inspire new concepts.

Baguio table lamp 3D printed from renewable materials, inspired by a pattern in nature: spiral phyllotaxis


Ingrid Rollema

The image you see is one of the players in the project “Blinded by the Light”. A project in which Karel van Bodegom shared his expertise in lighting images, creating a representation of shadow images.

“Blinded by the Light” presents the Grasshopper as a metaphor for the human condition. We are like animals looking into the headlight, not moving and waiting in awe for what is to come. Blinded by the Light is about manipulation, deepfake, and inability. The three-dimensional image, its alienating shadow, and inadequate language are the material.

“Blinded by the Light” is a production of the “Theater van de Verkeerde Beslissing”.

Blinded by the Light


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