Lucciole light art installation. At night the branches of the trees are lit up with a playful and mystical light, it resembles millions of fireflies floating around in mid-air. The green and red points of the lasers create dynamic lines on the surfaces they touch, which is a joy to capture on camera. It is the natural effect of the wind and movement of the laser that gives the floating lights life, as they dance around the tree.

Part of GLOW Eindhoven in 2016, Cidneon festival (Brescia, Italy) in 2018 and Lichtfestival Kasteel Doornenburg in 2019


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Concept: Wisse Trooster
Realisation: Wisse Trooster (& Troy Reugebrink – 2016 and 2018)
Music: Martijn Simkens
Video by Anemo One