After a speed date, Montessori College Eindhoven selected me for the project Design 4the Fittest. As a result of the workshop I gave at the college, I made two prototypes based on the student’s ideas; the Selfie-Run – when you run hard enough you’ll get a picture to send to your friends – and a workout suit – stimulating your muscles while you workout or in rest -.  

How can you become fit or stay fit? Students of the VMBO High School in Eindhoven started working with professional designers in this design competition.

This challenge is organized by the municipality of Eindhoven, Cultuurstation, the GGD BZO, the Province of Noord-Brabant, Stichting Marathon Eindhoven and Dutch Design Foundation, and held in the context of the PROUD project supported by the European Union. Design4theFittest is all about co-design, whereby designers, together with users and other interest groups, look for answers to contemporary issues together.

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Video by mooniq

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