A couple of years ago I started collecting Dutch Design online. After a few months, I decided to share my collection on Instagram. Creating a stage for Dutch Design including my own work on my account @wisse_design.

Over time I learned how to increase my reach and how to speed up the growth of my account with targetted followers.

In a masterclass, I share the experience I gained; insights on how to grow faster and reach a better audience.

Round Square, pink vase in glass and steel by Studio Their & van Daalen “Iris van Daalen & Ruben Thier share their fascination for light, reflection, geometric and organic shapes, together with the transience of nature. Over and over, they see it as a challenge to get hold of these phenomena and to abstract and translate them into sustainable designs.”

Picture via Thier and van Daalen

Dutch Design at Gallery OODE in Amsterdam, shot by photographer Roza Schous.

OODE brings the work of Dutch designers together with orphaned art. Art from closed museums and art institutions.
On this shot a couch by Martin Visser, Tube side table by Maarten Baptist and the Femme chair by Rik ten Velden

Picture via for fairf

Giveaway: To promote their @white_noise_dada exhibition at Milan Design Week this April Klaas Kuiken is giving away bottle vases.

To promote their one month one vase a day giveaway I’m giving away two vases in The Netherlands! If you don’t win or if you’re not living in The Netherlands you can try to win one each day in March at @klaas_kuiken

Read more below on how to participate.

Designers @klaas_kuiken and @charleyreijnders are working under the name WhiteNoise presenting Punk and Dadaistic design.
During the production of the bottles it might occur that something goes wrong. Sometimes this actually makes the bottles much more special, they’re unique, but they can’t be sold in the shops. These special bottles are the ones white_noise_dada gives away.

How to participate:
1. Follow @white_noise_dada
2. Share this post on your Instagram-story and tag @white_noise_dada & @wisse_design
3. Leave a comment on this post, so we know you participate
4. You can participate ‪until the 28th of February‬

– The two winners will be randomly selected after checking if the steps above have been followed. ‪On the 29th of February‬, the winners will be selected and announced.
– The giveaway only includes shipping to an address in The Netherlands.
– Winners will receive a randomly selected B-quality vase
– This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram.
– IMPORTANT! If you have a private account, please DM a PrintScreen of your story. If you don't send a PrintScreen we won't be aware that you are participating.

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Contour Tower by Aptum. “The basic versions of Contour offers you illustrious Dutch Design for an affordable price. They come in different varieties: to be placed on the wall or floor. Contour Tower is a Floor version. Just place it where ever you like, plug it in, and play with the colors – which are constantly adjustable.”

Picture by Jeroen van der Wielen

Domestikator, architectural artwork by Atelier van Lieshout.

Happy Valentines day 😉 “Domestikator is a large scale artwork that serves as a totem, a temple and a beacon. It symbolizes the power of humanity over the world and pays tribute to the ingenuity, the sophistication and the capacities of humanity, to the power of organisation, and to the use of this power to dominate the natural environment. In order to support 7 billion people, agriculture has become an industry, with factory farming and genetic manipulation a necessity. This provides us with an ethical dilemma, as this kind of farming seems to border on abuse. At the same time, the literal abuse of animals, bestiality, is one of the last remaining taboos. Why is it that treating an animal like a fellow human is an unspeakable act, whilst treating an animal like a resource for industrial production is the norm?”

Picture via Atelier van Lieshout