A couple of years ago I started collecting Dutch Design online. After a few months, I decided to share my collection on Instagram. Creating a stage for Dutch Design including my own work on my account @wisse_design.

Over time I learned how to increase my reach and how to speed up the growth of my account with targetted followers.

In a masterclass, I share the experience I gained; insights on how to grow faster and reach a better audience.

Trichroic Tapestries by Rive Roshan at Musée des Arts Décoratif in Paris during Paris Design Week 2015 "The launch of a project called Trichroic Tapestries is the first installation in a series of contemporary tapestries that explores visual manifestations of refraction and lenticular effects in textile. The project looks at the interaction of colours and creates an animated experience for viewers to experience as they walk around the 5 metre textile pieces which hangs in an ornate staircase from the ornate ceiling of the old Louvre building."

Picture via Fubiz

Martini Cocktail glass from Maarten Baptist’s Tripod glass series. “As troublemakers of the dinner table, tripod glasses play with the tradition of the placed goblet. Dishwasher compatible. Dutch designer Maarten Baptist combines ancestral technique with radical boldness. The “tripod” collection of three-footed glasses in borosilicate is seditious. In the hand, they force the fingers to work. At rest, they seem to dance.”

Picture via Maarten Baptist

Papier vase by Pepe Heykoop for Tiny Miracles
“The mission? To help 1 million people out of poverty and stay out of it. The opportunity to earn a fair wage consistently is crucial for our approach to be successful
Tiny Miracles has created a holistic approach in which we tackle 5 fundamental areas of life simultaneously. This approach works like an ecosystem. The opportunity to earn money consistently is crucial for the Tiny Miracles Approach to be successful. But there are no jobs for unskilled, poor people in a city like Mumbai. Therefore, we had to create work ourselves. Laurien then asked her cousin, Pepe Heykoop, who recently graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven to design simple, yet upmarket, products. Pepe’s designs should provide work for poor, unskilled communities –– and be aesthetically so beautiful that could sell on their own, without the Tiny Miracles story.” Read more on

Picture by Oode

Design inspiration: Visualisation by Visual Citizens. A Bauhaus inspired kitchen design for Elle Decoration NL’s kitchens special edition.

Robocup by Jasmin Djerzic

The Robocup…. at first glance a "standard" baroque cup. But when you take a closer look you discover that the cup has a winding key as an ear, feet as the bottom and that the cup is slightly tilted. Questioning the end-user what would happen if you wind up the cup. Making it a product that combines playfulness and functionality in a unique way. The Robocup is made of ceramic and finished with a 24-carat gold luster.

Video by Jasmin Djerzic

The Sweet Retreat by Jelle van Twillert spotted at Design Academy Eindhoven 2019 graduation show. “The sweet retreat is a collection of playful objects inviting you to a lighthearted and joyful sensation.

Within the design field nowadays there is a great focus for social design and design thinking towards global problems. The sweet retreat presents a contrast of positive energy and an escape to daily seriousness and responsibility. Advocating for the fun in design and in this world.
By playing with the aesthetics of sweetness trough color, form and tactility the soft and bright objects create a playful ambiance where people can retreat and recharge.”

Picture by Merlijn Doomernik spotted on Dutchdesigndudes