Creative agency / studio

I am an experienced product designer. Inspired by the properties of diverse materials, I’ve autonomously designed a number of products ranging from interior products to fashion accessories. At the moment I’m available to make new work for design labels. 

With my studio, I offer a wide range of design services. From a rebranding to a custom interactive light installation. I always start in close collaboration with my client to define which question they have and which opportunities there are. Have a look at my portfolio to see what I’ve worked on.​


Over the past few years, I worked with Wisse on Art Route 65, a project to make seniors better acquainted with the contemporary culture and the work of the creative industry, as can be seen at Dutch Design Week. As a connection maker and a staunch promoter of Dutch Design, Wisse came into his own with this target group who still looks a little uncomfortable at Dutch Design Week. Many seniors lack insight into how broad the professional field of design is, and even more so how they themselves can design their ‘life’. Wisse took the elderly along in design thinking projects in which participants designed inspiring solutions for a healthy and dynamic lifestyle.
Ingrid van der Wacht
Project Manager at Dutch Design Foundation
This Instagram training is a must for anyone who wants to get more out of Instagram. Wisse not only teaches you more about the algorithms and methodology of Instagram, but also helps you with the strategy of your account. You go home with practical tips and tools to increase your reach on instagram.
Rosanne van Veldhuisen
Marketing Manager at CirclNL - ABN AMRO


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